5. Jesus: A Simple and Surprising Story

When we stop to think of that child, born in a manger more than two thousand years ago, son of a humble carpenter, whom the parents save by fleeing with the newborn to Egypt. He spends his early years helping his father in carpentry while growing in goodness and wisdom, to the point that, at age 12, for three consecutive days, he surprises the temple priests with his vast knowledge and incredible discernment.

That at the age of thirty he begins to be known for his preaching, his wisdom, and his works. That he surrounds himself with an initial group of 12 followers, workers and fishermen of the community, who, in those times, most were undoubtedly illiterate, and who, just by asking them to follow him, they leave everything they have to go with him. That he teaches and does good by helping everyone he can, and that he summarizes as the essence of his message that «we love one another as he has loved us.»

That the religious leaders of the moment, jealous for his knowledge, for his honesty and for the multitude of followers he generates, accuse him of the «terrible» crime of saying that he is the son of God.

That he is judged and being innocent, condemned to death. That knowing what awaits him, he accepts a brutal punishment by
forgiving those who punish him mercilessly while mocking him, who make him drag a cross on which they crucify him, and who gives his life for the good of all as payment for our mistakes, proving for the last time what he has been preaching.

Who returns to forgive from the cross those who have crucified him, while making us all children of the being he loves most and who brought him into the world, his mother. He did not seek power, wealth, or fame, and his disciples carried his simple message of love to the known Western world.

That through the centuries many of his followers have given their lives preaching his teachings and imitating his dedication to others. Twenty-one centuries later over 2.400 billion human beings believe in his message and follow it.

Even without believing in his countless miracles or those of his followers through the centuries, or in his resurrection, it is easy to accept that his story is unique and exceptional in what we know of human history.

As Mahatma Gandhi said:

«A man who was completely innocent offered himself as a sacrifice for the sake of others, including his enemies, as a ransom of the world. It was a perfect act.»

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Por Antonio R Quesada

A esta altura de mi vida reconozco que lo que creo saber es ínfimo comparado con lo que desconozco. Usando mis experiencias, trato de profundizar en algunas ideas espirituales básicas que comparto con toda humildad a fin de animar a otros a que hagan lo mismo. Agradezco de antemano cualquier sugerencia o corrección que reciba. ________________________________________________________________________________ At this time of my life, I acknowledge that what I think I know, is minimal compared to what I don’t know. Using my experiences, I try to deepen on some basic spiritual ideas that I share with all humility, with the purpose of encouraging others to do the same. I thank you in advance for any suggestions or corrections that I receive. ________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Antonio R. Quesada, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at The University of Akron. Ohio Teaching Fellow. Director of Project AMP. T^3 International Emeritus Professor.

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